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FAMILY SHOTS            click to enlarge

Anna at 16 or so, mother Frederika, brothers Nino and George. Anna (in her 20s) with her grandmother in Cyprus.

Anna in her early 20s. Anna on her 30th birthday. Anna (in her late 30s) at her grandmother's house in Cyprus.

PORTRAITS            click to enlarge

Anna in Paris, 2006. Anna and Nino in Cyprus.  

Anna and Nino in Prague, 2009. Anna in Paris, 2006.

WITH FRIENDS            click to enlarge

Anna with Bill Mousoulis at Brisbane Film Festival, 2008. Natalie Vella, Patrice, Anna, Bill Mousoulis, 2011.

Anna with Natalie Vella in Paris 2006.


MAKING FILMS            click to enlarge

Shooting Ten Years After, mid 1980s Anna and Nino shooting The Butler, mid 1990s.  

Shooting Dreams for Life, 2003. Advising cinematographer Firouz, Dreams for Life, 2003.  

Shooting Kissing Paris, 2006. Shooting Kissing Paris, 2006.  

Anna in 2009, dreaming of the film she wanted to make, with star Shah Rukh Khan.  

GEORGE KANNAVAS ART SERIES            click to enlarge

Anna at the Astor Cinema, 1996, The Butler shoot. Anna in 1983.  

Nino, Anna, Grandmother in Cyprus, 1999. "Scleroderma Summer", Cyprus, 1999.  

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