Kannava You Can'av'er   (1980, 2 mins, 16mm)    

Kannava You Can'av'er (1980, 2 mins, 16mm)

A collection of images of Anna Kannava as a young woman, posing, playing, and reflecting on her changing life, all set to an eclectic soundtrack.

Kannava’s first film, as a 20-year old student, is an experimental collage, reflecting both documentary concerns and Godardian formalism.

(note by Bill Mousoulis)

"Kannava's vision, her sensibility, is one of eternal, nagging restlessness – always longing for an elsewhere, wherever she is situated. The very first shot of Kannava You Can’av’er shows the (at that moment incomplete) far-suburban highway that – as she comments in The Butler – she would eventually take in order to move far from home."
- Adrian Martin

Essay on Anna Kannava by Adrian Martin

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Kannava You Can'av'er (1980, 2 mins, 16mm)

a film by Anna Kannava
Crew: Frances Zeffirelli Green, Annie Dunckan Fellini, George Kannavas, Ninos Kannavas, Daniel Antognioni

various experimental screenings, early 1980s
Anna Kannava Retrospective, Cinema Nova, Melbourne 2011
IVAC film festival, Cyprus 2022

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